Escalating Economic Recovery for Future Resilience &
Sustainable Socio-economic Growth through Zakat Inclusion











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Topic of Interest

Several possible topics that can guide the authors in preparing their manuscripts are:

  1. New Normal, Digital Transformation, and Islamic Social Finance
  2. Zakat and Innovations for Productive Economy and Poverty Alleviation
  3. The Role of Zakat in Islamic Entrepreneurship, MSMEs, and Startups
  4. Zakat Perspective for Green and Sustainable Economy
  5. Contemporary Fiqh Perspective on Zakat Management
  6. Role of Humanitarian Actors behind Zakat Institutions
  7. Collaboration and Integration Model for Zakat Institutions
  8. Zakat and Crisis Management Tools to Minimize the Effects of Economic Crisis
  9. Zakat and the Effect of Crises on Income and Wealth Distribution Across Countries
  10. Innovation on Zakat Collection, Fundraising, and Distribution
  11. Other topics related to zakat.




Publication Opportunities

The conference proceeding is available online and indexed by 




The accepted and selected papers will have opportunity to be published in the following journals:

  • IJAZ: The International Journal of Zakat
  • Economica: Jurnal Ekonomi Islam
  • Journal of Islamic Accounting and Finance Research
  • Journal of Digital Marketing and Halal Management
  • Jurnal Dinamika Ekonomi & Bisnis
  • Isti'dal: Jurnal Studi Hukum Islam
  • NUEIJ: Nusantara Islamic Economic Journal
  • Akses : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis
  • Iqtisad: Reconstruction of justice and welfare for Indonesia