Repositioning SOZECOM, Nigeria for Navigating the Digital Economy The 2nd ICONZ 2018 - Proceedings

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Muhammad Lawal Maidoki


Sokoto State Zakat and Waqf (Endowment) Commission aims to eradicate extreme poverty among the poor and vulnerable people, mostly rural people inhabiting Sokoto state in Northwestern Nigeria. To achieve this aim, SOZECOM is currently restructuring its zakat, waqf and general administration processes. Part of the restructuring is the need to utilize the extensive network of paid and volunteer personnel, vast amount of data and several collaborative efforts with other institutions inorder to explore the potentials of digital finance in the administration of zakat and waqf. A major constraint toward the realization of aim is the limited digital capability of SOZECOM .As a first imperative the need to develop SOZECOM’s institutional capacity through the strengthening of its digital capabilities was identified. This paper outlines the framework for itbuilding the capabilities needed to successfully navigate the digital economy and align its operations toward such realization


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Lawal Maidoki, M. (2019, February 14). Repositioning SOZECOM, Nigeria for Navigating the Digital Economy. International Conference of Zakat.