Analysis of Online Portal and E-Payment Application Usage: A Case Study of BAZNAS Indonesia The 2nd ICONZ 2018 - Proceedings

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Khairul Rijal


The best achievement of zakat institutions in performing their duties as an organization is strongly influenced by several strategies of use in the latest technology in the current era. This statement is supported when where it can be seen some information dissemination, with a variety of payment tools that can turn a manual system into an online and electronic system. Payment is the heart of the business. For an online business, e-payment plays a crucial role in accelerating every transaction of institutions. Based on available information that there are various types of electronic payment systems available to facilitate online buying and selling transactions. However, electronic payment systems in philanthropic institutions have received quite a bit of attention from the public. This is the case even though these institutions have invested a lot of money for electronic payment systems. Thus, this study will illustrate the current performance status of the BAZNAS website as well as identify several factors contributing to improvement through analysis of survey results. Some suggestions will also be displayed. The website development process often faces many difficulties that need to be addressed. Important elements should be discussed to serve useful feedback for the webmaster as well as the institution itself so that it will make the website more effective as expected by the provider and recipient of the information. Later this research attempted to identify the type of electronic payment system at Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS) one of the Islamic philanthropy institutes in Indonesia and focusing on some BAZNAS institutional development background, which has been preceded by an explanation of the duties and responsibilities of this zakat institution as coordinator of zakat institutions in Indonesia. Then analyze the performance of electronic payments at the agency. The results of this study are expected to contribute to the body of knowledge, especially in terms of information technology and performance measurement at the agency BAZNAS.


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Rijal, K. (2019, February 14). Analysis of Online Portal and E-Payment Application Usage: A Case Study of BAZNAS Indonesia. International Conference of Zakat.