Risk Management of Zakat Maal Supervision in the Fintech Era based on Literature Review

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Arivatu Ni’mati Rahmatika Tholib Hariono


Cybercrime in Indonesia is the first tier in the world and Indonesia also grabs a second level on hacking activities, and both are in line with the rapid development of technology in these decades. There is no rule in Islam to avoid the development of science in this case technology, but Islam still regulate the obligation of tithe as long as humans are still alive in the world, zakat maal is an obligation in Islam with the specific rules, zakat maal is considered able to solve the problem of income inequality. Further technological sophistication is also considered as a tool for the implementation of such obligations. This study aims to address the risks that are likely or even inevitable in the activities of zakat maal in the fintech era. Library research is the main way in conducting this research to answer a problem. This study resulted in a finding in the form of an application that is connected with the zakat institution BAZNAS shade and detail how its use includes calculation of nisab zakat, distribution of zakat, control of distribution and prevention of fraud that may occur. This is the first time in the history of the study, because this study discusses in detail how to overcome and overcome the risks that exist in the use of technology to implement the obligations of zakat maal.


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Rahmatika, A. N., & Hariono, T. (2019, February 19). Risk Management of Zakat Maal Supervision in the Fintech Era based on Literature Review. International Conference of Zakat. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.37706/iconz.2018.130